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About Rio Entertainment Design

The Rio entertainment design Co., Ltd. is a company mainly dealing with a design, plan, construction, the management of an event, exhibition.

We carry out the help which tells a customer's product/technical capabilities at the world by the proposal power which took in the newest technology and power of expression.A new proposal and design are pursued every day taking advantage of youth called 34 years old of average age, and we try to be able to offer space "pleasant" and "interesting" from customers.

President: Mr. Ryota Takebayashi

Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa

He spent locally up to junior high school, and studied in Australia from a high school. He spent the high school life that assumed mainly classical music in Sydney, including an intramural orchestra, participated in the activity of the Suzuki method positively and played a lot in an opera house and churches. After high school graduation he advanced towards the way of stage production in earnest as he was interested in the work in an offstage, not the side to appear on the stage from childhood.

In 2003, he entered Australia, Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Art (Design for Theater and TV). He studied stage production, the set of film making, a writing, and a sound design and technology centering on Shakespeare. In 2004-5, won the Charles Sturt University, "OSKA SHOW" set design section highest award for the second consecutive year. In 2004, received an award of Golden Key International In 2006, graduated from Charles Sturt University.

Returned home and started activity in the world of the space direction.

While wandering movie and the CM photography industry from place to place, he has strongly come to long for the space stage production, which was a real and difficult to forge and not a fiction viewed from a camera. 

2007 to 2012, he worked on Art Idea Co., Ltd. which mainly makes the booth design of exhibition.

2011, inaugurated as a sales manager.


2012, established Rio entertainment design Co., Ltd.

He provides various spaces with the design which taking the leading-edge technology of projection mapping, AR, etc. changing every day and the theme of "being more pleasant and interesting in space."

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